NitroZip Kit


Features & Benefits:

  • Dynabrade Nitro Series NitroZip tool outperforms conventional spiral-wound wheels without clogging
  • Excellent power for effectively removing seam sealer and paint
  • Tool duplicates sand-blasting effect without surface fatigue
  • Excellent for removing two-sided adhesive molding tape and decal material with use of rubber eraser wheel
  • Eraser wheel has serrations for improved cooling effect air flow.  Also resists heatbuildup and reduces jumping and vibration

Kit includes: (1) Standard Tool, (1) 1/2" Wheel Hub Assembly, (1) 1/2" Coarse Wire Wheel, (1) 3/4" Wheel Hub Assembly, (1) 3/4" Coarse Wire Wheel and (1) RED-TRED® Zip Eraser Wheel

Using a Dynabrade Nitro Series NitroZip equipped with a wire wheel allows technicians to remove rust and seam sealers in preparation for repair or replacement of damaged vehicle components.  Sharp wire wheels cut quickly, and do not "load" with thick, gummy sealer.  Wheels can be resharpened by reversing the direction of the wire rotation and running on a hard surface.

NitroZip Kit