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Lang Tools (Star Products) MASTER FUEL INJECTOR

Lang Tools (Star Products) MASTER FUEL INJECTOR

Features and Benefits:

  • Covers most models 1988 through 2004
  • Includes five most popular banjo bolt test adapters: M14 x 1.50, M12 x 1.50, M12 x 1.25, M10 x 1.00 and M8 x 1.00
  • Banjo bolt test adapters and vehicles banjo bolts are the same size hex, which enables the Technician to use the same wrench for component removal and installation
  • Contains M6 x 1.00 Honda test port adapter
  • Includes fuel pump deadhead pressure test adapter with 1/4 in., 5/16 in. and 3/8 in. hose sizes

The test gauge assembly disconnects from the test hose and valve assembly for easier storage and improved gauge protection. The redesigned 71317 fuel line tee can now accommodate 3/8 in. hose sizes in addition to the 1/4 in. and 5/16 in. previously accommodated hose sizes. Contains longer tee adapter cut test hoses for easier connections. Includes longer redesigned test hose adapters for Ford, Toyota/Geo, and Audi/VW. The longer test hoses allow adapters to tee into the fuel system with less distortion and movement of the fuel line by looping the test adapter. Contains popular 5/16 in. and 3/8 in. quick connect tube form adapters used on Chrysler, GM and Toyota. Includes popular standard and small Schrader adapters in both short hose and right angle configurations. Unlike competing test kits our kit contains: - 16mm O-ring adapter and bolts used on popular Hyundia and Mitsubishi vehicles; - 11mm O-ring adapter and bolts used on popular Nissan and Infiniti vehicles; - M12 x 1.00 Honda pulse damper adapter used on popular Accord, Civic, and S2000 models. Contains neoprene boot for improved protection of the test gauge and vehicle finish. Includes a seal repair parts kit, four hose clamps and two pieces of 3/8 in. inverted flare tubes and two 5/8 - 18 tube nuts. Consists of neatly organized blow-molded case with marked adapters for easy cross reference to the adapter guide book. The case contains a hinged lid compartment to easily store hose assemblies.

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